About winery

Since 1961 Sevastopol winery production has been growing constantly. In 60-70s about 400 thousand bottles of sparkling wine were produced annually. In 80s production raised from 700-800 thousand to a million. In 1999 the winery produced 3 million bottles a year. Production facilities were used by 100%. After shop No. 2 had been upgraded in 2008, we managed to raise production up to 8 million bottles a year with further possibility to increase.

The winery owns a large storage with optimal natural conditions of storing +13…+16°С (tunnels). Know-hows as for producing methods and production microbiological issues were developed.

Throughout its history Sevastopol champagne was not mass-produced as due to its flavor values and technology elegance it was the main source of supplies to the high government and party circles of the USSR.

Besides, the winery has always been an experimental base for new champagne brands development for many champagne factories in Kyiv, Kharkov, Moscow, Gorky, Baku.

Among the awards of the winery there are two Grand Prix Cups, Quality and Marketing Achievement Golden Cup handed in Geneva (Switzerland), over 35 gold, silver and bronze medals of international wine contests in Montreal, Sofia, Tbilisi, Saint Petersburg, Odessa, Yalta. In 2010 in the international contest “Golden gryphon – 2010” the winery was awarded 5 gold medals and Sevastopol red sparkling wine was called the best sparkling wine of the year.

Sevastopol winery production is exported to Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, the USA, Latvia, Israel and Russia. Volume of products to be exported in 2011 is about 22% of the produced sparkling wine total quantity.